Lent 2016Lent is a beautiful time of reflection and deliberate soul searching on the journey to the cross of Easter. As we seem to plunge ever deeper into the winter murk so we find ourselves contemplating the slower things of life. Some of us might fast or give up something precious for a season just to experience its loss or to make more space for God. And as winter turns to spring so we are lifted with it, until finally Easter is upon us and new life bursts forth. Each of us approaches Lent slightly differently but we cannot fail to be impacted by it.

As a church we have a ‘hands off’ approach for the most part as we recognise the differing needs of each person in Lent. However, we are providing two things in particular that may help you as you reflect. Many of us have been reading Luke’s Gospel together since before Christmas and we will continue to do so up until Christmas. Please contact the office if you are not on the mailing list for this. We’re also working through Luke in our Sunday morning sermon series.

In addition, Riding Lights, a Christian theatre company, are coming to All Saints for two nights (30th & 31st March) to share their acclaimed production Crosslights, focusing on Peter’s experience of Jesus’ crucifixion. We’d love to see you there. See the link below for more details:

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