Jenny Green, Uganda

Mission: Potter’s Village

Place: Kisoro, Uganda

What: Jenny Green is our CMS partner working in Green, a Diocesan Youth Pastor in the Diocese of Muhabura, Kisoro, Uganda. Trained and ordained by the Anglican church, Jenny has a background in nursing. She has been leading and directing all forms of youth ministry in Kisoro since the 1990s. She has two adopted children, Hannah and Joseph, both born in the area, and she frequently fosters others.

Her vision for  The Potter’s Village  has developed as a response to the many destitute children in the area.  The Potter’s Village is a child crisis centre in Kisoro, South West Uganda. Abandoned and orphaned babies, teenage mums and destitute pre-school children are finding care and new hope.
The Potter’s village is a registered charity, founded and overseen by the Church of Uganda. Jenny has had a vision for many years to reach out to destitute children within a Christian community. Using her experience and inspirational leadership, Potter’s Village is now well established with a largely Ugandan team of staff and carers.

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