Keith & Joyce Wood, UK

Mission: Diaspora Ministries with OMF

Place: United Kingdom

What: Keith and Joyce were sent from All Saints’ to serve in the Philippines OMF in 1981. After 10 years there they were invited to join the leadership of OMF in the UK. For more than 20 years they served in OMF home side ministry in Manchester and Watford. A new ministry has now opened up for them within OMF to join the Diaspora Ministry Team based in the UK. They are involved with east Asians in the Manchester area, and also help churches and Christians around the UK in reaching out to east Asians who come to the UK.

In addition they are giving leadership and pastoral care to the 60 OMF workers who are focusing on East Asians in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
In the UK alone there are over 40, 000 people from Thailand and around 60,000 from Japan. The largest group however is from Mainland China with well over 100,000.
Today, God is orchestrating a movement of many east Asians to places outside their home countries, bringing them closer to Christians who can share the good news with them (Acts 17:26-27). Our prayer is that when East Asians return home, they will take Christ’s hope to their own people and beyond.

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