Alpha TV

Alpha TVAll Saints’ has run Alpha Courses for years, providing a great way for people to learn about the Christian life and enter into it with confidence. It also gives a fantastic overview of Christianity and starting points for discussion in a Life Group with new Christians.

Now there’s a new way to do Alpha: Alpha TV. This is a tool to help leaders run Alpha and allow guests to catch up on missed sessions online. Every Wednesday throughout this Alpha series, Alpha TV will stream the talk from Holy Trinity Brompton in London live. The idea is that people around the world will get together for a meal, tune in to Alpha TV and then host a discussion afterwards. If you aren’t able to join live on Wednesday, the videos are available to catch up for free on Alpha TV.

While you can still run an Alpha Course in the traditional manner (see here), Alpha TV gives you the opportunity to rely more heavily on the communication skills of other Christians (very handy if you’re not confident speaking to a group). It also means that you don’t have to do the whole course. So if, for instance, you wanted to do a beginner session on prayer or the Holy Spirit, you can just do that session.

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