February 2018

One of my first experiences of worship was not in a church, singing hymns or praise songs. My family werenot into church. Instead, I found out what worship was in the confines of my bedroom. I must have been about ten years old when I was given my first cassette player.
It was the early 1980s in a time of Adam and the Ants and ABBA and the unlikely choice of my first cassette album was the Beatles 1967-1970. It was the song “All You Need is Love” that got me worshipping. It wasn’t just the simplicity of the words, it was the truth behind them. I had discovered already that God is love and now here were four people from Liverpool, singing that all I needed was … GOD.

Jumping up and down on my bed, I remember my heart zinging with the truth of it. All you need is God, All you need is God, All you need is God, God is all you need. (Not sure if “zinging” is a word but that is certainly how it felt.) It felt like I was dancing before God, declaring a
profound truth which resonated deep within me, drawing me closer into His presence. And as I jumped I felt like I was doing something which I was designed for – WORSHIP!

Undoubtedly, worship has the power to bring us closer to God. It is something that we can do individually but is also something we are called to do together as community, corporately as church. There is a wonderful picture in Revelation 7:9 of every tribe and tongue coming together at the end of time and standing before the throne and before Jesus, the Lamb,
and praising God for His salvation. What an inclusive picture! When we come together in worship it is as though we are drawn into His presence by remembering again the deep truths about God and what He has done for us. Yet this is not just a mind exercise but it is also something Spiritual. As the Holy Spirit draws us closer into God’s presence we experience transformation. The presence of God is not just about a nice experience, it leaves us changed, more like His Son Jesus. Jesus seeks us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, not because He needs us to in some egoistic way, but because He knows, when we dance with God, we
are changed!

At All Saints’ our passion for people encountering God and being transformed by His presence is something that guides us in our song choices, our sermon series, our intercessions and everything else we do. We long to see more people, who don’t know Jesus, experience Him too. With that in mind we would like to conduct a worship survey (about All Saints’ services) to hear from you. If you could take 5-10 minutes of your time to fill it in, I would be thankful. (SEE LINK BELOW – it would be really helpful to complete the survey on-line … if not possible, you can get a paper copy from the office)

Finally, it is important to remember that our worship isn’t reserved for our time spent together on a Sunday. We have a much higher calling. Our ordinary, everyday lives become an act of worship to God as we follow Him by His Spirit. Our love of Him and awareness of his Holy Spirit working in us becomes an act of worship that affects every aspect of our lives bringing his light into every corner and into every relationship.

Every blessing in Christ,

Daniel Currie (Vicar)


To complete the survey please follow this link: allsaintsmarple.co.uk/worshipsurvey

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