Incarnation: a 7-part midweek course about living God’s big story

7.30pm–9.30pm each Wednesday in Lent plus Maundy Thursday

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The Bible tells a big story. It has a flow, a narrative arc, a direction and a destination. And the hero of this story is a God who becomes a man called Jesus. He steps into the story and inhabits it in a kind of divine drama, taking on roles, redeeming the characters and rewriting the script. We call it incarnation.

This Lent we’re running a course about this story. The content will be more in depth than a sermon but will still engage the heart as well as the mind. Most weeks will follow a pattern of two 45 minute sessions with a drinks break in the middle and worship and ministry dotted around the edges. To get the most from Incarnation we recommend you come each week although obviously there is no requirement to do so. Many All Saints’ Life Groups don’t run during Lent so perhaps this would be a good thing to come to as a group.

Please see below for dates and a rough outline of the course:

  • Wed 14th Feb – Ash Wednesday – a standalone event with elements and ideas from the course. Come along to get a taster or just to experience the beauty of Ash Wednesday with us.
  • Wed 21st Feb (Week 1) – The Drama of Creation and Imago Dei
  • Wed 28th Feb (Week 2) – Fall and The Exodus
  • Wed 7th Mar (Week 3) – Fall 2 and Sacramental Theatre
  • Wed 14th Mar (Week 4) – New Creation and Jesus the Incarnated God
  • Wed 21st Mar (Week 5) – Serpents and The Image Repainted
  • Thu 29th Mar (Week 6) – Maundy Thursday Communion

Incarnation will be run by David Hill, a member of All Saints who has been on our teaching team for several years. He has an MA in Theology. The course is FREE but if you are thinking of coming please sign up below so we can send you updates. We can’t wait to see you!

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