Lighthouse Groups


One of the best ways to keep your walk with Jesus on the straight and narrow is to form a Lighthouse Group with a couple of friends, or at least people with whom you feel comfortable being open and honest. Ideally, a group will have two or three of you and will consist of three essential disciplines:

Confession of sin

  • Use the question sheet provided as a way in to being vulnerable with one another.
  • Be honest in your answers and don’t be afraid to hold the other members of the group accountable. Like you, they are in the group of their own volition!
  • The questions are only an aid for allowing a time of confessing and receiving forgiveness.
  • Often you will only touch on one or two questions – those that feel most pertinent to your situation, perhaps.

Reading Scripture

  • Each group agrees to read a book of the Bible.
  • The ideal is to read between 25-30 chapters a week (this is obviously open to negotiation).
  • If the book you are reading is short then the group are encouraged to reread several times.

Praying for Others

  • Each member decides on two or three people for whom they will pray.
  • These names are shared with the other members so that each person in the group will be praying for all the names listed.
  • To help in your prayers there is a template on the question sheet that can be used.

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