Mixing Desk


This is a mixing desk. We have one at the back of church. They’re used to make sure all the sound levels from the band are correct and that the overall ‘mix’ sounds right. There’s no point having fantastic drums if you can’t hear the keyboard over the top of them. Everything needs to be balanced just right.

It’s the same in our relationships with God. God has many different names and descriptions of who He is in the Bible. You may find it very easy to identify with Him as the Good Shepherd but find it hard to imagine Him as Judge. The picture of a Sovereign King may be very appealing to you but you’ve never been able to see God as your Father, perhaps because of issues with your own father. Yet God is all these things and more.

Click on the picture to take you to a pdf document of your own mixing desk. In the boxes provided write down six names or descriptions of God. Then draw a ‘slider’ on the line above to indicate how much or how little you identify with this name of God. Are there any that you need to turn up a little bit? Are there any that you need to turn down? Of course we will always identify with some parts of God’s character more than others (just as some sound technicians will always prefer guitars to keyboards) but there should be some measure of balance.

Discuss your findings as a group, maybe sharing your highest and lowest results or what surprised you the most.

If you need some hints about names of God please see the attached document.

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