Monday 14th March

Please read Hebrews 11v17-31…

In this passage we see 3 characters who exercised faith;

  1. Abraham, tested by God to sacrifice his own son. A test of full surrender. (v.17-18). How close Abraham must have been to God to trust him so much. The challenge for us is to also stay close to the Lord so that we might have a faith that surrenders all.
  2. Moses, able to give up his place as an Egyptian Prince (v.24) in order to see the future when the true King would come (v.26). The one who would set Israel, the world and US free from the slavery to sin.
  3. Rahab (v.31) a prostitute, offered a new life. Faith rules no one out .Whatever our past, faith opens the door to a wonderful relationship with God and a new righteous life.

Surely GOOD NEWS for us to share with others.

Prayer: Help us to do just that Lord.

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