Monday 21st March

Please read Luke 22:1-23…

Sometimes I feel sorry for Judas because he seems to be the agent in God’s plan. But surely the chief priests knew who Jesus was, they didn’t need a Judas to lead them to Him. Did Judas allow satan to take him over because he was frustrated that Jesus was not the messiah HE, Judas, had envisaged: someone who would overthrow the Romans & establish a new Davidic Kingdom? WE, like Judas, have the choice to create our own agenda for our lives or to submit to the will of the Father, as surely Jesus did.

In the following verses we see Jesus obeying the Father, identifying Himself as the paschal lamb in a NEW covenant between God and His people, sealed with His own blood. A prophetic paschal meal which continues to be celebrated down through the centuries, repeating Jesus’ very own words: ‘do this in remembrance of Me.’ What a privilege, what a moment, when we experience the cleansing, unconditional love poured out by our living Lord: the perfect paschal lamb.

‘O give me grace to follow my master and my friend.’ (… from the hymn: O Jesus I have promised to serve Thee to the end.)

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