“They are like trees planted in the House of the Lord… that still bear fruit in old age and are always green and strong” Psalm 92:13-14. This verse was given to a group as they were praying and planning for a new midweek service that would reach out to the more elderly in our community. The name and the picture came very naturally and seemed very right!

Evergreens’ Service

The Evergreen Service is held on the second and fourth Thursday in the month starting at 2.30pm and lasting for about an hour, followed by refreshments and fellowship in the church lounge. Whilst the service is more traditional and appreciated by the more elderly in our community, younger members are very welcome.

On the alternative weeks we have a Groups Service. This is similar to the main service, but instead of a sermon we break into small groups and discuss questions posed by the previous week’s preacher.

For more information contact the Church Office.

Holiday at Home

Over the past five years we have enjoyed a three day holiday in August in the Church Hall with themes such as a cruise on the good ship “Happy Days”, a journey on “The Orient Express” , a visit to “Marplin’s Holiday Camp”, the 2012 “Jubilee Celebration”, in 2013 the “Wonders of Wales”, and in 2014 we traveled to Spain. We started each day at 11am and finished at 4pm, and people were welcome to come for 1 day, or 2, or for the full 3 days. All had a wonderful time with great food, varied activities and very good company.