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Here we have a short intro and a slider with the most recent posts. You’ll notice that the sidebar on the right of the screen has different things in it from the rest of the All Saints site. This is because everything you see here is for Life Group Resources. Have an explore!

To get back to the Home Page from any other page simply click the banner at the top right of the sidebar.

Main Menu

The five most recent resources will be posted on the home page but if you’re looking for a more specific area or an older post the menu is the place to start. The three main sections of the site follow the church’s strapline as follows:

Our dream is that all Life Groups, no matter their primary focus, will contain aspects of all the above three categories. We recognise that some groups are stronger at some than others and hope that the resources provided here will help you branch out into the other areas just as effectively.


We want your input! There are a couple of ways to do this. If you know of a great resource from which others could benefit send us an email and we’ll get it added to the site. There’s a page specially for this on the menu or just email

Also, we really want to hear ways in which you’ve used the resources on the site. At the bottom of every post you have a chance to comment. Login using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Windows (don’t worry, we don’t keep your logon information or anything sinister like that) and let others know how you’ve used the resource. Please post good news stories too – everyone likes a bit of encouragement!


Use the main site’s search bar (top right) to find themes or specific posts.


If you are looking for a specific theme or topic, for example atonement or prayer, all posts will be ‘tagged’ with keywords. These tags can be found in a dropdown box on the right hand side of each page. Simply click on one to take you to that topic. More tags will be added gradually over time.

Keep Updated

Stick your email address in the box provided in the sidebar to the right (just above this ‘how to use’ guide) and you’ll receive an email every time a new resource is posted.

Please note, most of this material is provided freely to all, however there may occasionally be resources posted which All Saints’ has the copyright to use but isn’t for wider distribution. In these instances the post will be password protected for Life Group Leaders only. If you are a Life Group Leader but don’t have the password please email