Saturday 19th March

Please read Isaiah 11:1-11…

It seems as we turn the pages of any newspaper, or watch the news on any given day, that our world seems filled with stories of violence, despair and hatred. How we long for peace in our day where people can live in harmony with each other.

In these words from Isaiah we see the harmony and peace that God desires for our world. The unlikely scenario of the wolf living with the lamb and the leopard with the kid shows the type of perfect world that God intended. A world in which even a little child will be safe to crawl over a rattlesnake’s den because neither animal nor human will hurt or kill any longer.

Just imagine for an instant what that type of world would be like. One where there is no longer fear of violence or danger but instead a world of perfect harmony. Isaiah writes that this harmony will come when the earth will be full with the knowledge of the Lord. I believe Isaiah is referring to a future time when God’s kingdom will be fully established when Christ returns again.

Understandably then we long for Christ’s return to bring this full transformation to our world. However this does not mean we placidly wait and do nothing. Blessed by the Spirit of the Lord with wisdom and  understanding, as His people, we are called to be Christ to this world now; to be His hands to care for the wounded and His feet to bring peace in the situations we find ourselves in. In essence we are charged with the longing to see His kingdom come and His will be done in the now of our everyday as we also long for Him to make all things new when Jesus our Lord.

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