Saturday 26th March (Easter Eve)

Please read Psalm 142; Hosea 6:1-6; John 2:18-22…

Imagine what it was like for the disciples and followers of Jesus the day after Good Friday. Jesus was dead, His body behind a huge stone in a tomb. They didn’t understand what Jesus had said about destroying the temple (His body) and raising it up in three days. (John 2:19) All hope was gone, the one they had followed for three years, believed in as their Messiah, had been nailed to a cross, to die an unimaginably cruel and agonising death.

In our Hosea reading today the people of Israel are in a dark place because of their sin and rebellion, yet if they will return to God with genuine heartfelt repentance the promise is there of light after darkness and there seems to be a prophetic reference to the resurrection of Jesus.

In the Psalm, David is in a dark place, a cave, hiding from his enemies, yet he declares the Lord is his place of refuge. When we are in a dark place, discouraged, overwhelmed by distress, we, like David, can pray and know the presence of God with us, that there is hope even in dark and desperate circumstances.

We can look back and know that the Lord delivered David from his persecutors … and   – we know the end of the story …  He raised the crucified Redeemer to life, so to conquer sin and death for ever!

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