September 2017


I hope you have had a productive and restful “summer”. For us at Glo Church, August is very much a time of rest and a reminder to us that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. September is somewhat more active! For some of you, I’m sure, August has been “business
as usual”.

I’ve been reminded over the last few months that we were created for work.

God’s instruction to “fill the earth and subdue it”, was a call to take the raw materials of creation and to form and shape them to produce something else. Our role in the world is essentially to be creative with manipulating the gifts that God has given us in order that we might enjoy His creation. That is why our work is one of the primary ways in which we bring glory to God. Your study, employment, caregiving or volunteering is part of the purpose for which we are made. It is good to produce something! Are you working as if you were working for the Lord?

We were also gifted with rest.

The Sabbath, the Holy day, the day of rest is also written into creation and was modeled by the Creator Himself. Sabbath provides a healthy and life-giving rhythm which is given as a gift to us. Wonderfully, though the Bible is clear that we should work and should rest, it isn’t prescriptive about exactly what we should do for work and what our rest should entail. That was the mistake of the Pharisees. One person’s rest is another person’s work (How many of you would go for a long run on your Sabbath?). As Jesus reminded them, the Sabbath was created for us, we were not created to serve the Sabbath. Instead of rules, God gifted us
with biblical principles which can govern the rhythm of our lives. Are you embracing the gift of Sabbath rest in a way that brings glory to God?

As you explore wisdom together as a church this term, my prayer for you is that you would be wise in your work and wise in your rest and play. May both bring you joy and may both bring glory and honour to the Lord of the Sabbath.

With love from all at Glo,

Phil Harris (Curate)

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