SHAPE Course


The SHAPE course is designed to help people grow in their own self awareness of how God has ‘shaped’ them and its purpose is to help people identify areas in which God is calling them to serve out of their ‘shape’ in their own personal context and in church.

Please do not be put off by the amount of pages, it is easy to digest and the material has been broken down across four weeks. Click the PDF link below to download.

Over four separate sessions your Life Group will cover:

Week 1: Spiritual Gifts (Pg 1 -12 and Pg 13-16 for homework)

Week 2 Heart &  Abilities(Pg 17- 22)

Week 3 Personality(Pg 23-31)

Week 4 Experience(Pg 32 – 38)

To get the most out of the course each person will need a copy of the SHAPE material.  We do understand this is a lot to print out and so either you can send it via email to individual members to print or alternatively ask the Church Office to help with this.

As you come to the end of the course it advises people to arrange a SHAPE INTERVIEW. This can be done as part of your Life Group either in pairs with other trusted members of the Life Group or with Life Group or Missional Community Leaders. 

The church is often referred to as, ‘The Body of Christ’ and it is our hope that as we explore our SHAPE that we will grow up into all that God has called us to be and do for His glory.

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