Sunday 20th March (Palm Sunday)

Please read Zechariah 9:9-10…

I love that Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a young donkey. It is so unorthodox, so unforgivingly uncharacteristic of a powerful king. Some of you may have seen the Shrek films. This story reminds me of the first two films. In Shrek, Princess Fiona, out of custom and courtesy, calls Donkey a ‘trusty steed’. In the second film Donkey takes a potion that transforms him into a Horse fit for a king so he proudly announces, ‘I’m a stallion baby!’ Shrek is supposed to come and whisk Fiona off her feet, (which he does far too literally using a fireman’s lift!!!) and slay the dragon (which he does not attempt!!!) much to Princess Fiona’s astonishment. Shrek doesn’t fit the bill; he never intended to fit the bill.

Jesus doesn’t fit the bill; He never intended to fit the bill. As I write this Donald Trump is journeying through the USA gaining more and more support as he seeks to fit the bill. He may be hailed as Saviour, Peace Maker or Rescuer, ‘He will do what is right for our country’ some may shout. Others will claim these titles for their alternative favoured candidate, Cruz, Clinton, Rubio or Sanders. Jesus didn’t come to bring political peace and rescue. Power, popularity and stage presence were not His weapons of choice. Humility, obedience and love were His motives. He began His slow trot to His death, towards a sacrifice that led to cosmic restoration. I don’t know what Jesus’ followers were thinking as they shouted Saviour King that day … There is great hope in their cries, that hope may have been dashed at the cross but Jesus is alive! Hope survived and long may it thrive.

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