Thursday 25th February

Please read Psalm 34…


In our household, meals are always a big occasion. A question that seems to be asked a lot is, “What are we having for dinner?” Cooking and eating seem to bring both excitement and anticipation, communion and satisfaction (I hope!).

In today’s Psalm, King David encourages his readers to “taste and see that the Lord is good!” David is not referring to God being good tasty food to satisfy our stomach but instead a good God who brings true satisfaction to the hunger we find in our lives. It is only God who can satisfy us, mind, body and soul.

God’s taste is His promise. David speaks from his own experience when he says  God promises to answer us  and deliver us from all our fears (v4). He promises to take away our shame and to hear our cries for help. He promises salvation and deliverance from our enemies.

Having experienced the taste of God, David’s response is to be a blessing both through praise and worship (v1) and  thought and deed. He guards his tongue from speaking any kind of evil or deceit (v13) and actively turns his back on evil, pursuing instead peace and goodness.

By remembering how good God is to us we can draw inspiration to offer our lives back to Him and in doing so we might encourage others to taste and see that Lord is GOOD!

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