U Encounter


What does it mean to be human? That’s the question at the heart of U Encounter, an interactive website that uses art to help us investigate who God made us to be. Artists have for thousands of years tried to encapsulate some aspect of the human experience. The U Encounter site invites people to join with classic artists who unveiled a fount of meaning through the narratives of Christianity, narratives that remain ever ancient and ever new.

While the site is designed for individuals to walk through, there are some fantastic ideas for meditation and reflection in your group based around the following six questions:

  1. What does it mean to be human? (Who am I?)
  2. Why do I exist? (The mystery of being)
  3. Why do I suffer? (The dark night of the soul)
  4. May I become whole? (Broken Beauty)
  5. Am I loved? (Love beyond measure)
  6. May I live to love? (Who is my neighbour?)

The last question may also be useful as a springboard for mission.

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