Lifeline is for anyone who is recovering from divorce, separation or loss of a partner, or who is single for any other reason. Lifeline is here to support single-parent families, and those with or without children.

We are a pastoral service and can provide support in different ways, such as a chance to talk if you are finding it difficult to cope. Sometimes it can really help to be able to share with someone who understands, and has been through similar circumstances. If you feel you would like someone to talk to, in confidence, please do get in touch via the Church Office.

We also offer group sessions to explore issues around divorce and separation. These usually take place once every year, and can help with rebuilding, healing and moving on from past hurt and painful experiences.

Lifeline also organise social events where we get together to make friends and have a break. These include family gatherings, games, BBQ’s, meals or pub-nights.

Whether you want to talk to someone, individually, attend a group session, or come along to a social, you are very welcome. Lifeline is open to anyone in our community, and you don’t have to come to church to get in!!!