COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Update

Dear Church,

I want to cordially invite you to come and be church together in person. There will be two services on Sundays at 8.30am and 10.15am IN CHURCH! Here are some of the things we want you to be aware of.

Sadly, we cannot quite come back without any restrictions as we know that cases of the COVID virus are going up and so although we want to give ourselves opportunity to worship together, we need to do that cautiously and responsibly.

  • There will be a mixture of seating available so that those who want to remain socially distanced can do so.
  • The government advises that we continue to wear masks at social gatherings inside, and so when in the building and during worship, we will still be required to wear masks unless there are medical reasons not to do so.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Email:

If for whatever reason you can't be at church in person we will continue to live stream our 10.15 service on Facebook Live: and YouTube:

Every blessing,