Incarnation week 5 (Easter Week Communion)
28th March 2018

Incarnation week 5 (Easter Week Communion)

Passage: John 19:16–30
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The Bible tells a big story. It has a flow, a narrative arc, a direction and a destination. And the hero of this story is a God who becomes a man called Jesus. He steps into the drama, taking on roles, redeeming the characters and rewriting the script. We call it incarnation.

Full schedule as follows:

  • Wed 21st Feb (Week 1) – The Drama of Creation and Image of God
  • Wed 7th Mar (Week 2) – Fall and Exodus
  • Wed 14th Mar (Week 3) – Fall 2 and Sacramental Theatre
  • Wed 21st Mar (Week 4) – New Creation and Serpents
  • Wed 28th Mar (Week 5) – Communion
  • Wed 4th Apr (Week 6) – The Image Repainted

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